Families Building Paths: A Talk with the Founders of the Abolitionist Organisation AMPARAR in Brazil

Event date
3 June 2024
Event time
16:15 - 17:30
Oxford week
TT 7

Railda Alves and Miriam Duarte Peireira

Please join us in welcoming Railda Alves and Miriam Duarte Peireira from AMPARAR (Associação de Amigos e Familiares de Presos/as - Association of Friends and Families of People Deprived of Liberty) is an association of families and friends of imprisoned individuals, survivors of the prison system, and incarcerated adolescents. Founded in 1998, when our children were imprisoned, we began to fight for the rights of all incarcerated youths.

Today, AMPARAR is made up of families of both imprisoned adolescents and adults, focusing on defending those behind bars and everyone who visits them. Our aim is to support and strengthen those affected by the criminal justice system. We have united many mothers, grandmothers, wives, daughters, sisters, and friends of imprisoned individuals to fight against injustices and mistreatment in prisons, as well as to empower families through involvement in the social movement.


About the Speakers:

Miriam Duarte Pereira is a passionate pedagogue and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Public Policy Management at UFABC. As a black woman from the favelas, Miriam has firsthand experience with the challenges faced by marginalised communities. She is a co-founder of AMPARAR.

Railda Alves has dedicated the last 25 years to defending imprisoned individuals and their families. Born in Bahia and raised in São Paulo, she currently resides in Itaquera, located in the eastern part of the city. She is also a co-founder of AMPARAR.

This talk will take place online in Portugese with English translation by Sergio Grossi. Please register to receive the Microsoft Teams meeting link.


Por favor, junte-se a nós para dar as boas-vindas a Railda Alves e Miriam Duarte Peireira da Associação de Amigos e Familiares de Presos/as (AMPARAR). A AMPARAR é uma organização por meio da qual as famílias de pessoas encarceradas se organizam em São Paulo, Brasil. 

Esta palestra será realizada on-line em português com tradução para o inglês por Sergio Grossi. Registre-se para receber o link da reunião do Microsoft Teams.