Inclusive Recovery in Action: Strategies for a Resilient Ukraine

Event date
16 July 2024
Event time
10:00 - 13:00
Oxford week
TT 13

The leaders of the project on "RE: Building Ukraine For All: Inclusive Recovery for a Resilient Ukraine," (Professor Freya Baetens, Dr. Ievgeniia Kopytsia, and Dr. Daryna Dvornichenko) invite stakeholders and scholars to participate in a workshop hosted by the Oxford Human Rights Hub.

This interdisciplinary workshop aims to bring together diverse stakeholders to engage in dialogue about Ukraine's post-war recovery, focusing on inclusive practices and sustainable development. Participants will contribute to the development of evidence-based policy recommendations and inclusive strategies that address the needs of all segments of society, “leaving no one behind”.

During the workshop, attendees will explore key topics including:

  1. Resilient and net-zero energy sector
  2. Environmental and climate protection and restoration
  3. Inclusive economic growth
  4. Gender-responsive recovery

We invite participation from a diverse group of stakeholders, including:

  • Government representatives
  • Local authorities
  • Civil society organizations
  • Academia
  • International experts
  • Project partners from Ukraine, the EU, the UK and the USA

This workshop represents a critical step in developing a comprehensive, inclusive approach to Ukraine's post-war recovery. To participate in this important dialogue, please complete the registration form for both in-person and online attendance.

We look forward to your valuable contribution to this significant endeavour.

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