One Hundred Years of International Administrative Law: Is the Employment Law at International Organizations Working?

Event date
19 January 2023
Event time
12:45 - 14:00
Oxford week
HT 1
The Dorfman Centre, St Peter's College, and Online via Zoom

Peter Quayle

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Abstract: The existence of an employment law of international organizations parallels the international civil service that it regulates and the multilateral institutions—possessing jurisdictional immunities—that it holds accountable. Conceived at the League of Nations almost one hundred years ago, it now governs innumerable international officials serving countless multilateral mandates, expressed through thousands of decisions by tribunals established at international organizations to adjudicate staff disputes. Yet—paradoxically—despite this substantial provenance, so-called international administrative law remains obscure: why? The premise of this talk is that the employment law of international organizations tends towards incoherence, resulting in incomprehension. However, by aiming to map international administrative law onto a larger framework of international organizations law—and by inviting explanatory analogues from other lex specialis of general international law—this discussion attempts to realize a more knowable—a more workable—version of the law.

Speaker: Peter Quayle is a public international lawyer, specializing in the law, governance and jurisdictional immunities of international organizations. He has over 20 years’ experience—spanning three continents, academia, governmental and intergovernmental service—including, starting-up the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in Beijing, China. He was educated at the University of Oxford and University College London, is a solicitor of England and Wales and a CEDR accredited mediator. He is editor of The Role of International Administrative Law at International Organizations (Brill Nijhoff, 2020).


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