Peter Cserne (Aberdeen): "Meta-Theoretical Strategies in Private Law Theory"

Event date
4 May 2023
Event time
15:00 - 16:30
Oxford week
TT 2
Main Quad Board Room - University College

Peter Cserne 

Notes & Changes

Abstract: The paper's main goal is to present a taxonomy of meta-theoretical strategies in private law theory. Attempts to combine instrumental and intrinsic justifications, formal and substantive interpretations of private law doctrine span from the simplest reduction or division of labour to various types of integration. I propose four stages of combination, outline several possibilities, and provide brief examples from the literature for each stage. In addition to the typology, the study offers a limited defence of economic theories of private law against some objections. 

Peter Cserne , reader in law at the University of Aberdeen, presents the third paper of Trinity Term 2023: "Meta-Theoretical Strategies in Private Law Theory". 

This seminar takes place in the Main Quad Board Room of University College, at 3:00pm on Thursday May 4.



Access the Main Quad of University College through the main gate in High St. Once in the quad turn left and head to staircase 6 to find the door to the Room.


This event is open to anyone. No registration needed.

Pre-reading is desirable but not a requirement to attend


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