Shreya Atrey, 'Racial Discrimination at Common Law'

Event date
6 June 2023
Event time
12:30 - 14:00
Oxford week
TT 7
St Cross Building - White & Case Room

This term, we have the pleasure of welcoming Shreya Atrey to the PLDG. Her presentation will be titled 'Racial Discrimination at Common Law'.

Shreya Atrey is an Associate Professor in International Human Rights Law based at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights. She is an Editor for the Human Rights Law Review and an Official Fellow of Kellogg College. Her research is on discrimination law, feminist theory, poverty and disability law. Her monograph, Intersectional Discrimination (OUP 2019), which won the runners-up Peter Birks Book Prize in 2020, presents an account of intersectionality theory in comparative discrimination law. Her work has been cited by the South African Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court of India. Shreya is currently working on project on 'Equality Law in Times in Crisis' funded by the British Academy.

The event will take place on Tuesday June 6, at 12:30 (White & Case Room, St Cross Building). A sandwich lunch will be served.