Raphaël Grenier-Benoit

DPhil Law

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Faculty of Law


Raphaël Grenier-Benoit is a DPhil Candidate in Law at Balliol College, a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholar, and an SSHRC Doctoral Fellow. Supervised by Professor Richard Ekins, his doctoral research focuses on constitutional interpretation and adjudication, and on the capacity of courts to harmonize law to social change. 

Prior to his doctoral studies, Raphaël obtained an MPhil in Law (with Distinction) at Oxford. His MPhil thesis explored Joseph Raz's theory of constitutional authority and interpretation, and put forward a modified Razian approach to constitutional adjudication. 

Raphaël also completed a B.C.L. & LL.B. at McGill University's Faculty of Law, where he studied both common law and civil law. Over the course of his studies at McGill, he notably served as Executive Editor of the McGill Law Journal, and worked as a research assistant for Professor Mark D. Walters.

He co-convenes, since 2021, the Oxford Public Law Discussion Group. He was previously a Lecturer in Law at St Hilda's College, where he taught Jurisprudence.