The Faculty of Law is considering opportunities to develop executive and non-degree education programmes to deliver research-led professional development opportunities to practising lawyers and others and to build and enhance connections between academics and practitioners. We aspire to deliver programmes of the highest quality that are informed by rigorous research into the needs of participants.

We are seeking someone to support our plans. Your tasks would include:

1. Market research  

You would provide us with an overview of the market for executive and non-degree education in law, to include:   

            - course themes or topics that are likely to be of interest to practising lawyers and others

            - the pros and cons of closed courses for particular client organisations or open courses accessible to all

            - the pros and cons of online or face-to-face delivery in this market

- what likely participant groups might prefer in terms of when courses should take place, how long they should last (e.g. one day v one week residential courses), different formats within online or face-to-face delivery

            - realistic pricing for different types of course and the pros and cons of different pricing models

- what similar offerings are marketed by other law schools, business schools and training providers in the UK and elsewhere.

2. Business case

Based on the research in the first phase, you would help us to develop a business case for an executive education programme for us to present to relevant decision-makers in the Faculty and the wider university for approval and implementation.

This would include identifying the most suitable courses for the Faculty to run bearing in mind our expertise and the likely market, detailing the level of resources we would need for implementation of programmes of the highest quality, necessary revenues to meet these resource requirements, outlining a marketing strategy, and producing realistic financial projections.


About you:

You will have a detailed knowledge of practising lawyers’ training needs and preferences, and a willingness to learn about the Law Faculty and what we can provide. You will be able to work independently to agreed deadlines and produce evidence-based, workable proposals for the Faculty to consider. You will have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

The work can be done in any location but you will need to be able to come to Oxford regularly to meet Faculty members and present your findings.  

Expressions of interest:

If you are interested, please send your CV and a covering letter outlining your relevant experience and how you would propose to carry out the work to by Friday 11 October 2019. Shortlisted candidates may be invited to come to Oxford to present their ideas in person to a selection committee.