10 Sep15 - Karen

The "audience menu" has been set up with four items - current students, staff, alumni, benefactors. The idea is that this is mostly internal type content and it will sit in a different heirarchy to the main content that you reach from the menu in the larger bar.


When you click on a heading in the audience menu you would normally navigate to a section index.

The headings have been set up initially to link to the homepage, so we need to correct this.

To link a section index to the heading:

1. create a new section index and note the node reference, ie 10814

2. From the black edit bar, select structure, then menus, then audience

3. You can now see all the headings in the current audience bar.

4. Click on edit for the heading that you want to link to

5. Amend the path. <front> means the homepage. Correct this to the new section index in the format " node/10814 "

6. save and exit


Someone at Torchbox will add the audience menu to the main menu in the menu settings so that if you want to link a new node/content/page/index/microsite to an item that is currently in the audience menu you will find it there. 


**** We need to add to this guidance page to say how to add a new heading to the audience menu bar.