HEFCE GCRF open Internal competition. More details can be found here.

Faculty deadline for review and ranking - December 15th 2017
Deadline - January 12th 2017
Notification - Early February 2018
Spend deadline - July 31st 2018

Each year the Universities receives quality related research funding (QR) from HEFCE for
GCRF related activity, this year the university has decided to issue a portion of this fund by
open competition. Funds should be used to support cutting edge research that addresses
the challenges of economic development and well-being faced by developing countries on
the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Development
Assistance Committee (DAC) list.

Eligible activity
Applications are welcomed from members of any department or faculty at the University of
The PI(s) must be a current employee of the University of Oxford, holding an academic post,
or PI on a research contract awarded competitively and intended to enable the holder to
establish an independent research career, with their current employment outlasting the
duration of this project. If you are in any doubt of your eligibility, please contact
tristan.eagling@admin.ox.ac.uk for clarification.
Any Academic partner from the University of Oxford should be a member of academic staff
in a department or faculty. Colleagues from Oxford Colleges and the University of Oxford
Museums can be involved and should be included as Academic Partners.
College-based academics at the University of Oxford wishing to serve as PIs must apply via a
department/faculty. Awards can only be held in departments/faculties, not in colleges.
The funds can be used for any activity or combination of activity listed below.

  • Capacity and capability building
  • Interdisciplinary and collaborative research activity
  • Generating impact from research both within and beyond the sector
  • Pump-priming activities to underpin GCRF and Newton bids to other funders,
  • Including relationship building
  • Rapid response to emergencies where there is an urgent research need
  • All activity must be ODA eligible and all funds must be spent by July 2018.

Note there are restrictions on equipment (since this is capital spend). If the cost is greater
than £10,000.

Types of projects/activity we are looking to fund
Any activity which is eligible can be applied for, and we envisage funding projects and
activity across a brought range of size (£1000-£50,000) and scope. This can range from
dialogue meetings and events, secondments, additional activity on existing funded projects
or fact finding research projects which may lead into larger GCRF/Newton bids.
If you have any queries about exactly what you can apply for please contact your divisional
In exceptional cases projects/ activity which go beyond July 2018 and or cost more than
£50,000 can be applied for but please contact your divisional representative before the
deadline to discuss

Selection criteria

  • ODA eligibility-Is the activity ODA compliant?, i.e., how does the activity directly relate to addressing the challenges of economic development and well-being faced by developing countries on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Development Assistance Committee (DAC) list
  • Value for Money- Due to the diverse range of award size, individual applications will be assessed on perceived impact vs cost and those with the best value for money will be given priority
  • Additionality- What will the fund allow you to do which you would not have been able to do without it, and how will this enhancing existing impact or create new impact

Desirable but not essential criteria:
- Multi-/Inter-disciplinarity – applications with cross-divisional collaboration are
encouraged. We can assist in finding suitable researchers from across the university.

Application process
The University deadline for submission is Friday January 12th 2018. Applications need to be submitted to the Faculty and ranked by the Dean beforehand by December 15th 2017. Successful applicants will receive notification by the end of January. Completed application forms should be submitted to IRAMS and all cost should be calculated with your relevant support staff on X5

Panel Review
Applications will be considered by a panel made up of academic members of our GCRF project board and will be ranked on the selection criteria outlined. Larger projects may be contacted for additional information.