MJur Alumnus: Josef Weinzierl

In one sentence, the MJur was the most challenging and at the same time most rewarding study experience in my life. This is due to various factors such as the excellent professors, the interesting material, the teaching in very small groups as well as the discussions with highly motivated and interesting fellow students. Regarding the choice of individual modules, my experience is that personal interest in the subject is way more important than potential statistics about past exams. I simply cannot imagine to invest so much time in one course only due to presumably better chances to receive a good grade. Most of my course friends made the same observation. Another aspect is that there will be times where the workload simply is too much and there is no way to handle it without neglecting some reading and thorough thinking. However, managing such a workload by distinguishing more and less important reading and improving one’s efficiency is a crucial aspect of the entire MJur-experience. Overall it was an amazing year which also allowed for a lot of activities besides the course, especially in Michaelmas and Hilary.

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