Excellence in Supervision Award

The Centre for Socio-Legal Studies is proud to announce that one of its core staff, Associate Professor Bettina Lange, has been announced as the winner of the one of the Social Science Division’s Teaching Excellence Awards which recognise the exceptional contributions to education by colleagues across the Division. Being awarded the Excellence in Supervision Awards, recognises the focus of the Centre on supporting the development of early career academics and the personal commitment of Bettina to the students she supervises. In making the award, the Social Science Division explained:

You have shown a sustained passion, dedication, care and support for your students under difficult circumstances. Your commitment to enable each individual student to develop their own perspective and thus to grow into independent researchers equipped with the skills to develop their own distinct projects was highlighted. Your students valued your insight and direction of their work, whilst encouraging them to pursue their own avenue of inquiry.

The Centre runs two research degrees: the DPhil and MPhil and has 40 research students, all of whom received training in small groups in our flagship course on Theory and Methods. Our students gets a dedicated workspace in the Centre which is situated above a world class social science library in Oxford. Students at the Centre are active participants in the 25 events we organise every year and form a vital part of our research culture Those interested in finding out more abut our students and the work they do can do so through this link.