Lords Hoffmann and Neuberger join the OUULJ to celebrate its 12th edition

Lords Hoffman and Neuberger in front of a bookcase
Lords Neuberger and Hoffmann

On 12 June, over 170 members and students of the Faculty packed into the Gulbenkian Lecture Theatre to celebrate the publication of the 12th edition of the Oxford University Undergraduate Law Journal (OUULJ).

Over the course of the last decade, the Journal has been a mainstay at the heart of Oxford’s undergraduate law community, providing a platform for the best and brightest undergraduates to showcase their legal writing. The Journal’s functions have also expanded to include the OUULJ blog and podcast.

The event, facilitated by the Editor of the 12th edition, Ethan Teo (The Queen’s College), began with a welcome address by the Dean of the Law Faculty, Professor Chen-Wishart. 

Lords Hoffman and Neuberger, the editors of the OUULJ and the Dean of the Law Faculty in front of a bookcase
Lords Neuberger and Hoffmann with the editors of the OUULJ and Professor Mindy Chen-Wishart

The centrepiece of the event, of course, was the dialogue between Lords Hoffmann and Neuberger, undoubtedly two of the most pre-eminent judges in the long history of the English courts. The dialogue, entitled Principles and Policy: Debates in the Law on Contractual Interpretation, centred around prominent cases regarding contractual interpretation and implication of terms which their Lordships have judgment for over the past 25 years, including ICS v West Bromwich; Chartbrook v Persimmon Homes; Arnold v Britton, and others. 

Judicially, at least, their Lordships appeared to have divergent views on the matter, and it was hugely exciting to have them both down at the Oxford Law Faculty for a dialogue. It was no wonder the Gulbenkian was filled to near capacity. The dialogue was moderated by Professor Andrew Dickinson (St Catherine’s College). 

The event ended with the official publication of the 12th edition of the Journal (which can also be accessed on the Faculty's website). Prizes were awarded to the Best Private Law and Public Law Submissions, as well as the Winners of the Journal’s Annual Essay Competition.

Watch a recording of the event