OLBA Changemakers Interview with Mindy Chen-Wishart

In this episode, Valencia Scott, Deputy President of the Oxford Law Black Alumni Network (2021-22), interviews Professor Mindy Chen-Wishart.

Mindy Chen-Wishart is a Professor of the Law of Contract at Oxford University and the Dean of the Faculty of Law. Previously, she taught at Otago University in New Zealand and has held Visiting Professorships in Asia, Australasia, and Europe. She is the author of Contract Law (7th ed) and leading a series titled Studies in the Contract Laws of Asia. She is involved in graduate teaching and has lectured at the Judicial College in the UK, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. She is also an Editor of Chitty.

As we reach the end of Mindy's term as Dean of the Faculty of Law, the OLBA Organising Committee would like to thank her for all her support. She has been incredibly encouraging throughout her time in office and a great role model to follow.

We hope you enjoy this interview!