Oxford Martin School internal competition “Innovating for a Sustainable Future”. 

We invite expressions of Interest for interdisciplinary research projects on the interconnections between the Sustainable Development Goals: we are interested in projects that explore synergies or trade-offs between two or more goals, and in doing so help deliver better outcomes.  We are looking to receive proposals that investigate or identify leverage points whereby progress on multiple goals can be achieved simultaneously, or which show how actions to achieve one goal may hamper progress on another and how this might be avoided.  Successful proposals must demonstrate clearly how their outcomes could make a meaningful and timely contribution to the delivery of the goals.

The deadline for Expressions of Interest is 5pm on Monday 5th November 2018, and requests for full proposals will be issued in mid-December.  We anticipate that we will contribute a total of up to £1m per award, over a period of two to five years, with the research teams starting work in Michaelmas 2019. 

More details on the call, including how to apply, are available here.  

Faculty EOI: 19th October 2018

Faculty 1st draft review: 22nd October 2018  

Funder EOI: 5th November 2018