The definitive list can be found on the main University site's Dates of Term page.

iCal for your Calendar

Users can install an iCal format calendar of Oxford's week numbers (including those that fall during vacations) in their mailers or calendar applications. The dates currently run until the end of the 2019-20 academic year.

The data is taken from one of the sources provided by the IT Team at Wolfson College, which are in turn based on the definitive list of dates set out on the University's website (which are not currently directly available in electronic form).

The table below illustrates the variation between the versions, which can be summarised as follows:

  • The weeks are expressed differently, with the Law versions taking up less space in your calendar, and
  • Law version 1 only contains data for weeks 0-8 (i.e. term time), while Law version 2 includes all weeks (as does the Wolfson version) so, e.g. 13 August 2017 sees the transition from TT16 to MT-7.
Wolfson versionLaw version 1
(weeks 0-8 only)
Law version 2
5th Week, Trinity TermTT5TT5
-7th Week, Michaelmas Term MT-7
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