PIL Discussion Group 2018-2019

Professor Florian Jessberger (Hamburg University)  Why Punish Perpetrators of Mass Atrocities? Reflections on Peace, Punishment and the ICC

Dr Surabhi Ranganathan (University of Cambridge) Unmaking the Ocean

Dr Fernando Bordin (University of Cambridge) The Analogy between States and International Organizations

Andrew Hood (Fieldfisher) The Consequences of Brexit
Dr Daniel Costelloe (WilmerHale) Succession of States and the policies of International Law

Stephen Bailey and Dr Rutsel Martha (Lindeborg LLP) INTERPOL and the responsibility of International Organisations

Professor Liesbeth Lijnzaad (Maastricht/ITLOS) Dictionaries, Commentaries and other Reference Works, how we use them and how we write them
Joanna Dimmock (White & Case) The Extra Territorial Reach of the Prosecutor in England & Wales
Dr Delphine Dogot (Sciences Po, Paris) The Legal Metamorphosis of War
Professor Robert McCorquodale (University of Nottingham) Corporations and Human Rights Regulation?
Dr Gabriela Frei (Jesus College, Oxford) 1919: The Making of a New International Legal Order?
Professor Seline Trevisanut (Utrecht University) Regime Interaction in Ocean Governance
Professor Jansen Calamita (National (University of Singapore) The Internalization of Investment Treaties and the Rule of Law Promise​

Dr Vladyslav Lanovoy  (International Court of Justice) Due Diligence: An Obligation under International Law?

Prof. Susan Marks (London School of Economics) Three Liberty Trees

Dr. Mavluda Sottorova (University of Liverpool) Do Developing Countries Really Benefit from Investment Treaties? The Impact of International Investment Law on National Governance

Dr. Taylor St. John (Pluricourts) The Rise of Investor-State Arbitration: Rethinking Key Moments