This temporary policy is in place during the pandemic and will be reviewed as soon as circumstances allow us to return to face-to-face teaching.

The University has stated that, as part of our flexible and inclusive educational approach to teaching in 2020/21, students affected by the pandemic should have access to lecture recordings until they have sat the relevant examinations (including re-sits).  The Faculty interprets this to mean that all scheduled lectures and seminars (and not tutorials or discussion groups) should be recorded until further notice.

The University has issued a significant amount of guidance and advice about recording and disseminating teaching, which is available on the IT Services Website – Lecture Capture (Replay) Downloads and Resources; and Replay: Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have any questions or concerns about the practice of recording your teaching sessions, it is strongly recommended that you consult these pages first. 

[In most respects, the Faculty policy simply reflects the University position, so this page only covers issues of immediate concern raised by colleagues, and areas where there is a slight deviation from University recommended/assumed practice.]

In light of the very rapid changes to practice and policy in this area since the pandemic, the following guidance for staff and students in the Law Faculty has been drawn up, and will be reviewed again once we return to normal circumstances:

System Settings

  1. All live teaching sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the relevant course folder in Canvas.  Exceptions to this are only possible with the written permission of the Dean.  This may be obtained retrospectively. 
  1. Students will only have access to the recorded material that is relevant to their course/option, and only until the end of their course (stored for one further year in case of resits).  The expiry date for access will be set and managed by the Faculty.
  1. Thereafter, recordings will not be available, but will not be deleted entirely.  Should any lecturer wish their recorded material to be removed, a request should be made to the Academic Administrator, Paul Burns, specifying which files should be deleted.
  1. The University has set the Canvas default setting to allow the downloading of recordings. This has been re-set Faculty-wide to prevent the downloading of recordings.
  2. Except where downloads are permitted (for which the terms of the End User Licence Agreement apply), students must not copy a lecture or recorded teaching session; or issue, lend or communicate any copy to another person, or make an adaptation of a lecture or recorded teaching session, unless specifically authorised in writing or permitted under applicable intellectual property laws.

Reasonable adjustments for students with a disability

  1. For students who have a recommendation in their Student Support Plan, all teaching will always be recorded.  This is preferred over giving the students permission to record formal teaching sessions themselves, though under normal conditions this is also an option.

The relevant Course Convenor(s) will be informed of a Student Support Plan by the Academic Administrator, who is the Faculty Student Disability Officer.

The Student Support Plan only provides recommendations. Final responsibility for decision-making in respect of reasonable adjustments, in order to meet with the requirements of the equality Act 2010, rests with the Law Faculty for its own students.

If further information is required, please see ‘Reasonable Adjustments for Teaching’, a web page providing an overview of the most common reasonable adjustments to teaching and learning that are recommended in Student Support Plans.


Speaker release and Legal Documents pack (updated November 2020)

The University has provided a legal documents pack which includes Presenter and Participant Release Forms (the latter of these for students who may appear in a recording).  These were updated in August 2020 in relation to GDPR, the Intellectual Property Rights of staff members, and the time element of the material, and again in November 2020. 

The Faculty has not asked colleagues or students to sign these forms, but the A4 notice will be displayed. 

If there are serious concerns about recording a discussion, teachers may wish to consider organising their teaching session so that the presentation part can be recorded, but then the discussion/Q&A is not (this could be run twice, for students in the room, and separately on line for students who cannot attend face-to-face teaching).  Or, the session may need to be run twice, once in the room and once on line. 

Recordings in Zoom can be paused and re-started, but unfortunately this is not possible in Teams. 


Lectures are normally open to any member of the University, and details are provided at the top of the Lecture List for any non-members wishing to ask to attend.  This is effectively reproduced in the on-line environment; anyone with a Single Sign On may attend a live lecture by obtaining the link from Canvas via the Lecture List, but only those registered on the course can view a recording or any other material on Canvas.  Seminars are only open to those signed up for the course, except with the permission of the seminar leader. 

Further information

If you have questions or concerns about a specific aspect of recording live teaching sessions, or would like advice on how to manage recordings, please first consult: Replay: Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are unable to find an answer, or a satisfactory answer, you can contact the Replay Team (link provided on the FAQ page).

If you require technical assistance, please consult the Law Faculty website Online meetings, remote lectures and seminars where you will find some useful ‘how-to’ guides; or e-mail Steve Allen

See also:

Replay: Frequently Asked Questions (mentioned above)

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Charlotte Vinnicombe

23 November 2020