Dr Genevieve Helleringer is looking for a Research Assistant to help on different projects in the areas of corporate law and corporate governance, including cross-border acquisitions and self-dealing.

The tasks the Research Assistant will be required to undertake include:

  • News archive research;
  • Secondary sources research (including empirical studies), retrieval and analysis

Duration and hours 

Total number of hours of work available: 30

Maximum number of hours of work per week (or explain variable arrangements): 8

Start date: 1 February 2022

Date by which the work must be completed: 25 April 2022, or 12 weeks after start date.

The Research Assistant will report to Genevieve Helleringer.


  • A general understanding of the field of law is essential
  • A reasonable understanding of the field of corporate law and corporate governance is essential.
  • An ability to understand empirical work in financial economics is desirable.
  • This post requires excellent writing and research skills, and access to online search tools and a law library.
  • Good admin and IT skills are desirable.
  • Fluency in French and / or Italian is a plus.
  • The work can be done in any place where you have access to a good library.

This position is open, inter alia, to current graduate research students in the Law Faculty or SBS or Blavatnik School of Government and the hours are in line with the restrictions on working hours for students.  It is expected that the work will be undertaken in the UK.

Rate of Pay
12 weeks or less (casual engagement): This will be paid at the standard research assistant rate of £15.60 per hour (based on Grade 6 point 1) plus holiday pay of £1.88 per hour worked (= total of £17.48/hour).

This position is funded by the Law Faculty’s Research Support Fund (RSF2021-14).

How to Apply
A short CV and cover letter (including the name of your supervisor, if any) should be sent by email to Genevieve Helleringer (genevieve.helleringer@law.ox.ac.uk) by the 25th of January 2022. Please explain how you meet the requirements for the role, and give details of your availability.

Supervisors may be asked for a reference. 

Informal enquiries may be emailed to Genevieve Helleringer.