RCUK has announced the second GCRF Collective Fund call. This call will establish a cohort of large-scale Global Challenges Interdisciplinary Research Hubs. These hubs are expected to deliver integrated and innovative international ODA-focussed research programmes. More information can be found here.

Interdisciplinary Research Hubs to Address Intractable Challenges Faced by Developing Countries RCUK invites proposals to establish and lead a number of challenge-led and impact-focussed GCRF Interdisciplinary Research Hubs which meet the aims of Official Development Assistance. The Hubs are expected to be between £8-£20million over a 5 year period starting December 2018. The Intention to Submit must be completed by 29th September 2017 with outline proposals submitted on 9th November 2017. 

Please contact Karen and Elizabeth at the earliest opportunity if you are interested in applying

Faculty deadline 1st draft review: 1st September 2017
Intention to submit- Research Services: 4th September 2017

Online survey for RCUK/intention to submit: 29th September 2017
Outline proposals: 9th November 2017