UKRI: Build community research consortia to address health disparities

Deadlines: 1 June 2022 (intention to submit Deadline), 20 June 2022 (funder deadline)

Apply for funding to build community research consortia to address health disparities. 

Projects should facilitate cross-partner collaboration with a view to establishing one (or more) community hubs; help improve our understanding of the drivers of deprivation across communities; and develop and test new scalable models for integrated care systems (ICS).

Proposals are to be submitted by project PIs but must include input from all partners. Applicants must be based at a UK research organisation eligible for AHRC funding. Partners can include UK-based non-academic partners, e.g. policymakers, local and national government, charities and community-based researchers. Proposals that only involve collaboration between researchers within the remit of a single research council or those with a single investigator, as well as those for which the primary benefit is outside of the UK, are out of scope. 

Duration & Funds
The full economic cost of a project can be up to £250,000. The AHRC will fund 80% of the full economic cost. Successful projects will have a fixed start date of 1 November 2022 and will be nine months in duration.

How to Apply
Applicants must submit an ‘intention to submit’ via e-mail to by 16:00 on 1 June 2022. The email should include the title and brief abstract of the proposed research project and the institutions, investigators and project partners that are expected to be involved. The full proposal should be submitted through the Joint Electronic Submissions (Je-S) system by the host research organisation by 16:00 on 20 June 2022.

For more information, please see the UKRI webpage for this opportunity