Many of large research funders have online application systems and each is slightly different. Some allow the applicant to share the application with co-applicants and administrators so that they can edit all or part of the application. Some systems require a two stage approval process, firstly within the Faculty and then at the institutional level. Some require all responses to be written directly into the text fields on the screen, others have a combination of text fields and attached pdf or word files.

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Some specifics of the online systems:

Research Councils including AHRC and ESRC JeS system

- You can share access and grant edit or read only rights to multiple people, both applicants and administrators
- When the applicant presses submit, it goes to the Faculty or Research Centre approver pool. When an approver presses submit, it goes to the Research Service Office as the ‘institutional submitter’. When someone from Research Service presses submit, it then goes to the funder.
- The approval pool members are
o Law Faculty: Timothy Endicott, Karen Eveleigh
o Centre for Criminology: Carolyn Hoyle, Sarah Parkin, Karen Eveleigh
o Centre for Socio-Legal Studies: Fernanda Pirie, Kirsten Yost, Karen Eveleigh
- The applications generally require a mix of text fields on screen and uploaded file attachments

British Academy and Royal Society eGap system

- It is possible for the applicant to share the application with an administrator, and the administrator will then have access to edit the finance pages, but not other pages.

Leverhulme Trust online system

- It is not possible to share the application so the applicant could either create a pdf of the application and email it to Research Support Staff for comments or he or she could share the application password. Although clearly not ideal, this can be the best approach when there may be corrections requested by Research Services or the staff finances are complicated (as is often the case with replacement teaching costs) and there are difficulties with the transfer of figures from X5 to the application form.
- Once an applicant has completed the ‘personal details’ part of the system, then this data will copy automatically into any new application.
- The applicant can ‘notify the institutional approver’ at any time while working on the application. This simply means that the Research Service Office will know to expect the application at some point in the future.

Nuffield Foundation

- Nuffield Foundation applications are sent by email.

John Fell Fund

- A new online system as from Hilary Term 2014.