The New York Convention and European Union Law. Celebrating 60 Years of the New York Convention

Event date
23 March 2018
Event time
09:00 - 18:00
Oxford week
Sir Michael Dummett Lecture Theatre - Christ Church


The New York Convention and European Union Law

This conference, celebrating 60 years of the New York Convention, is being organised by the Oxford University Institute of European and Comparative Law and will be held at Christ Church, Oxford. Its overall aim is to examine the relationship between the New York Convention and European Union law. There will be three sessions: the first will be devoted to the relationship between the New York Convention and European Union law generally; the second will discuss the impact of European Union law on the different methods of enforcing arbitration agreements; and the third and final session will consider the enforcement of arbitration awards.

The full conference programme is available here:


How to Register

The scale of registration fees is set out below.
All participants (apart from members of Oxford University) should register and pay through the Oxford University online shop
Staff and graduate students of Oxford University should complete the registration form

Registration fees

  • Practitioners: £150.00
  • Academics: £100.00
  • Graduate Students from universities other than Oxford University: £50
  • Oxford University Staff and Students: free

The registration fee includes all conference materials as well as lunch and refreshments during the day.


Participants who require overnight accommodation could check whether rooms (on a bed & breakfast basis) are available in Christ Church - use this link;

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The conference is sponsored by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) 


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Transnational Dispute Management (TDM, ISSN 1875-4120) is a comprehensive and innovative information service on the management of international disputes, with a focus on the rapidly evolving area of investment arbitration, but also in other significant areas of international investment (such as oil, gas, energy, infrastructure, mining, utilities etc). It deals both with formal adjudicatory procedures (mainly investment and commercial arbitration), but also mediation/ADR methods, negotiation and managerial ways to manage transnational disputes efficiently. 

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