An Engineer's Perspective of Law


One of the largest drivers of transformation in the global legal system is the injection of efficiency, mainly due to the use of technological innovation.  This talk will present a brief survey of the legal system as viewed from an engineering perspective, including topics such as the use of standards, Innovator's Dilemma, some philosophical implications, career paths, and, finally, a deeper dive into role of quality metrics.  If all we cared about were efficiency, we could resolve disputes with a coin toss.  How might we measure legal quality, and how much potential quality loss is a gain in efficiency worth


Ron Dolin's current work spans topics such as measuring legal quality, innovator's dilemma, technology issues in legal philosophy, XML in law and the use of standards, and legal search.  His current research also involves looking at how the legal system views free will and culpability, and the point at which robots might be considered responsible for their own actions.  For an introduction to this work, you can read this short blog post

Please note: The event will start at 1.30pm but a sandwich lunch will be available from 1pm outside the lecture theatre.