Arbitration online: law and practice

Event date
20 May 2020
Event time
12:00 - 14:00
Oxford week
Zoom Webinar

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This event, organised by Andreas Hacke and Kristin van Zwieten, will be held online. Please register here:

Disputes don’t get quarantined: indeed, COVID-19 has given rise to numerous commercial and corporate disputes around the globe, while at the same time reducing possibilities to meet in person to resolve these disputes, and thwarting proceedings that have already begun.

Can arbitration as an established procedure for the resolution of international disputes ‘go online’ while preserving its promise of reliable and enforceable results?

Join the live debate on the most important legal challenges and best practice responses to this question, including discussion of:

  • Validity and enforceability of the arbitral award

  • Right to be heard and ordre public: online hearings as “hearings” in legal terms

  • Assuring consent of the parties to online proceedings

  • Arbitral tribunals’ powers to order online hearings absent party consent

  • Specific online “guerrilla tactics” and possible sanctions

  • Taking evidence online

  • Best online practices to safeguard the arbitration procedure and the award

Featuring leading international arbitration scholars and practitioners:

Niuscha Bassiri               Hanotiau & van den Berg, U Miami Law School, ICHEC

Gary F. Bell                      National University of Singapore

Franco Ferrari                 NYU School of Law

Andreas Hacke               zhmp, University of Oxford

Stefan Kröll                     Bucerius Law School

Maxi Scherer                   WilmerHale, Queen Mary University of London

Christopher To                Gilt Chambers, City University of Hong Kong

Dominik Ziegenhahn     Raschke von Knobelsdorff Heiser, CEAC

Featuring short presentations by panellists followed by moderated discussion and Q&A.

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