Professors Denis Galligan, Jan Zielonka, and Stephen Weatherill discuss renowned public intellectual Ivan Krastev's provocative new book on the future of the European Union.

With far-right nationalist parties on the rise across the continent and the United Kingdom planning for Brexit, the European Union is in disarray and plagued by doubts as never before.

After Europe reflects on the future of the European Union—and its potential lack of a future. An expert panel will reflect on the issues raised in the book, including:

  • the political destabilization in Europe sparked by the arrival of more than 1.3 million migrants;
  • the spread of right-wing populism, including in Trump’s America;
  • and the thorny issues facing member states on the eastern flank of the EU (including the threat posed by Vladimir Putin’s Russia).

Professor Denis Galligan (Oxford Law Faculty) will lead a Panel Discussion with Professor Jan Zielonka (Politics & St Antony’s ESC) and Professor Stephen Weatherill (Oxford Law Faculty) before opening the discussion to the audience.

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