Brexit and IP: Escape Velocity or Near-EU Orbit? - A Panel Discussion

Event date
2 June 2021
Event time
17:00 - 18:30
Oxford week
TT 6
Online via Zoom

What if there was an opportunity to rethink the interpretation of the right of communication to the public? What if there was an opportunity to introduce a fair use type exception to copyright infringement? What if we had a chance to rationalise trade mark law relating to the use of own name and other honest practices? What if we could overhaul the sui generis regime for databases? What if there was a real opportunity to revisit the rules regarding SPCs? Brexit makes these questions less of a thought experiment and more a real possibility for courts and the Parliament in the UK to give a serious thought, bearing in mind, of course, any limitation placed by international treaties and trade agreements. We have an excellent panel of speakers drawn both from practice and the academy, to speak to the challenges and possibilities brought by Brexit for IP. 

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Professor Estelle Derclaye: Professor of Intellectual Property Law, School of law, Nottingham University

Sara Ashby: Partner, Wiggin LLP

Dr Stuart Baran: Barrister, Three New Square

Dr Jaani Riordan: Barrister, Eight New Square


Professor Graeme Dinwoodie: Global Professor of Intellectual Property Law, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law, Visiting Professor of Law, University of Oxford




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