Commons Library Talk on Parliamentary Scrutiny of Treaties

Event date
13 December 2018
Event time
Oxford week
Portcullis House
Ewan Smith and Eirik Bjorge

A talk on parliamentary scrutiny of treaties.

We’ve been working together over the past year on a project on Treaties, Brexit and the Constitution that has included a multi-disciplinary conference, submitting written evidence to several select committees, a private seminar for a Lords Committee and a detailed article which will be finalised shortly.

This is an important constitutional, legal and political topic that has finally come into its own – there’s a raft of current and recent committee inquiries on it, with several reports due in the next few weeks.

Our starting point is that Parliament’s antiquated system of treaty scrutiny rarely engages with the current political and constitutional challenges of international treaty-making. We’ll explore why that engagement matters, why it could be changing, and what the options are for the future.

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