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The Zoom link to attend the talk will be released on Oxford Fintech & Legaltech Society's Facebook Page and in its Newsletter in due course.


With the world in lockdown as a consequence of the current pandemic, Governments have been attempting to find ways to ease restrictions without sacrificing public safety.
Contact-tracing apps which enable us to know with whom we come in contact on a large scale, appear to be a viable solution, as they are in the process of being adopted by many Governments around the world.
This raises many controversial issues with regard to the privacy of the individual. In seeking an equilibrium between the two fundamental rights, of health and privacy, the level of protection which will be enjoyed by the users of the apps, will depend greatly on the method of data collection and how that data is used by the collector (today and in the future). Therefore, the design of the app and understanding its legal implications are crucial in striking a balance in this human rights trade-off.
Antonino will be giving his views drawing on his first-hand experience in Italy.

About the speaker

Antonino Polimeni

Antonino is an Italian Lawyer, based in Rome. With 14 years of experience, he has in-depth expertise in the fields of Privacy, Information Technology, IP, Internet Law and everything else which relates to online business.
He has written books and published several pieces of research in various journals which have led to him being quoted in many newspapers, such as the leading Italian business newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore”, and “The Guardian”. Anti-COVID 19 contact tracing apps have constituted his latest subject of debate for example.
His Law Firm Polimeni.Legal provides advice for major tech events, like the IAB Forum, Web Marketing Festival, AdWorld Experience. He is strongly committed to the needs of Entrepreneurs and Innovators in the Digital Economy.