EU Competition Law and the European Green Deal

Event date
20 November 2020
Event time
11:00 - 12:00
Oxford week
Faculty Members
Online - Microsoft Teams
Dr Marios Iacovides, Universities of Stockholm and Oxford

During this IECL meeting, Dr Marios Iacovides, this year’s Stockholm Fellow at the IECL will present his research project with the title "Competition law in the Anthropocene epoch – How can EU competition law act as a public policy tool to further the European Green Deal’s goals?"

The aim of this one-year research project is to investigate whether EU competition law and policy can act as a public policy tool to further the goals of the Green Deal. Essentially the project is about addressing three research questions. First, the goals of the Green Deal will have to be understood and described in terms that are relevant for competition law. The second question relates to the debate about the goals of EU competition law, i.e. do they, or should they, include the goals (e.g. sustainability, social fairness) that the Green Deal will be shown to have. The third question, assuming the second one is answered in the positive, is how the goals of the Green Deal would be operationalised through EU competition law and policy. 

The project builds on Marios’ previous work on a comprehensive empirical study on the goals of EU competition law (report forthcoming) and on the nexus between market power and unsustainable business practices. For background, participants are encouraged to read Marios’ recent research paper (with Christos Vrettos), on Article 102 and Sustainability, Stockholm Faculty of Law Research Paper no. 79.

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