Co-hosted by Border Criminologies and Refugee Rights Europe, this online expert roundtable event addresses the current Home Office proposals in response to the small boat crossings on the English Channel, drawing on lessons from the parallel context of Australia.

The panel speakers, with expertise relating to the legal, policy and human impact of border securitisation and offshore asylum processing, will be sharing perspectives on:

  • The impact of the offshoring and deterrence regime in the Australian context, and lessons that can be drawn for the UK
  • The legality and viability of the UK Government’s current proposals relating detention, interdiction and pushbacks at its border with France
  • Opportunities and spaces for resistance and alternatives


1. Welcome address by Refugee Rights Europe

2. Expert roundtable chaired by Professor Mary Bosworth:

  • Dr Savitri Taylor (via video message), Associate Professor, Law School of La Trobe University in Australia
  • Professor Alison Mountz, Director of the International Migration Research Centre at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
  • Professor David Scott FitzGerald, Co-Director of the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies at the University of California San Diego

... more names to be added soon ...

3. Q&A session with the audience

4. Closing address

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