Join us for the Feminist Jurisprudence Discussion Group's first event of Hilary 2022. The event will take the form of a discussion on the topic of “Is the ethics of care a good theory?” and aims to explore the differences and tension between relational feminism and radical feminism. It will take place at St. Hilda's College, suite A and B, on 24th Janurary 2022 from 1:15-2:30pm. Please bring your own lunch!

The inspiration for this discussion comes from The 1984 James McCormick Mitchell Lecture on “Feminist Discourse, Moral Values and the Law - A Conversation” and the debate between Carol Gilligan and Catherine MacKinnon. Nicole Stybnarova and Sabrina Golds, two co-convenors of the FJDG, have helpfully prepared a brief summary of the debate and some questions to think about in advance of the event. For a copy of this, please subscribe to the mailing list or email Nicole Stybnarova and Sabrina Golds will also be briefly introducing and situating the debate at the start of the event, but prior reading of the text is encouraged for fruitful discussion where attendees have the time! 


We hope you will join us for what promises to be an engaging and timely discussion of whether 'the Ethics of Care is a good theory'!