Notes and Changes

We hope to run this event in person and online. However, seating in the IECL Seminar Room is limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please complete the registration form below to indicate how you would like to attend.

Floating charges are closely associated with English law; however, other jurisdictions also have forms of security that approximate floating charges or, at least, have some shared elements. This seminar will provide details of an ongoing project examining floating charges and their functional equivalents in a large number of jurisdictions around the world. The project considers definitional aspects of floating charges/floating security, while also seeking to identify floating security in different jurisdictions and compares rules regarding this type of security across multiple systems.

This event is open only to members of Oxford University. To register for it please complete the form below using your SSO credentials. Registration will close at 10am on the morning of the seminar after which a Teams link will be sent to those who have registered to attend online.

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