IP litigator, Jin Ooi, will discuss what he sees as the current hot topics in patent litigation and will speculate as to what he thinks lies ahead.  Jin will focus on three areas of particular importance to practitioners today: i) sufficiency / plausibility; ii) FRAND; and iii) equivalents.  Jin has a particular interest in sufficiency / plausibility and will speak of his first hand experience of representing Pfizer group Warner-Lambert in enforcing its second medical use patent for the drug Lyrica (pregabalin) in the UK Supreme Court in Warner-Lambert Company LLC v Generics (UK) Ltd. t/a Mylan.  Jin also contributed to the UK response to the AIPPI 2019 Plausibility Study Question concerning the state of the law and practice in this area and will touch upon the conclusions reached therein.

In addition to speaking about the hot topics and future trends in patent litigation in the UK, Jin will also touch on his practising experience and talk about what life is like for a patent litigator.  Jin is an experienced patent litigator who is qualified in both Australia and England & Wales and he also has Higher Rights of Audience (Civil Advocacy) in England & Wales.  Jin has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and life sciences field and has also worked in the consumer products sector.  In addition to this, Jin also has experience with trade secrets litigation and antitrust litigation.