EU Law Panellists
Panel Speakers from Left to Right: Stephen Weatherill, Sanja Bogojevic, Jeremias Adams-Prassl, Hayley J Hooper

Now that Brexit is done, the relationship between the EU and the UK is governed by the Withdrawal Agreement, which came into force in early 2020, and the Trade & Cooperation Agreement, which came into force at the beginning of 2021. These arrangements have achieved (for good or ill) a more radical break from EU law than was widely expected. In Great Britain (that means: in three parts of the UK, but not in Northern Ireland) the binding effect of EU law has almost completely disappeared. So the UK can choose to stay close to the EU model, or it can choose incremental change, or it can choose to eliminate all traces of its EU past. Which course to choose, and why?  What will be the main impulses and tensions?  We will look at four areas in particular - environmental policy, human rights, labour law, and professional football. 


Stephen Weatherill is the Jacques Delors Professor of European Law in the Law Faculty, and has been since 1998. He is also a Fellow of Somerville College.

Sanja Bogojevic is Fellow and Assistant Professor of Law at Lady Margaret Hall and Oxford Law Faculty. Her expertise is on Environmental Law, and she is currently working on research projects on the Belt and Road Initiative, green economic recovery, as well as on the interlinks between populism, the rule of law, and environmental protection. Her recent work on EU law includes Great Debates in EU Law, with Jeremias Adams-Prassl.

Jeremias Adams-Prassl is Professor of Law at Magdalen College, Oxford. He is particularly interested in the future of work and innovation, his most recent book is Humans as a Service: the Promise and Perils of Work in the Gig Economy (OUP). From April 2021, Jeremias will lead a five-year research project on Algorithms at Work, funded by the European Research Council and a 2020 Leverhulme Prize. He tweets at @JeremiasPrassl.

Hayley J Hooper is Associate Professor of Law at the University of Oxford. She has broad expertise in public law.

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