Dr Adam Bodnar, the Polish Ombudsman at the Commission for Human Rights, will be leading this discussion group examining Poland's human rights record.

In his position as the Polish Ombudsman at the Commission for Human Rights, Dr. Bodnar as a lawyer and ombudsman, seeks to ensure that public authorities secure and respect the human rights of all members of Polish society.  In 2018 he was awarded the Rafto Prize for Human Rights for playing a "key role as defender of judicial independence and minority rights, and [becoming] a significant advocate of democracy, a defender of minorities and fundamental human rights".

Adam Bodnar is a graduate of the Warsaw University (M.A., 2000) and the Central European University in Budapest, Department of Legal Studies (LL.M. in Comparative Constitutional Law, 2001). Since 2006 he is a doctor of laws (Warsaw University). His Ph.D. thesis was entitled Multilevel Citizenship in the European Constitutional Space.