The body of laws that comes under the rubric of ‘terrorism law’ is often thought of either as a distinctive area of law in itself, or one that interacts with a single other legal discipline, most often criminal law, or human rights law, or immigration law. In reality, domestic state and transnational terrorism laws have a significant impact on multiple areas of law simultaneously, but the effect of that impact is often lost due to the constraints of legal disciplinary boundaries.

This workshop seeks to overcome those constraints, by bringing together experts in terrorism law from a variety of legal disciplines, including constitutional law, EU law, family law, criminal law, criminal justice, international human rights law, and immigration and citizenship law. The purpose of the workshop is to start a discussion about the ways in which terrorism law has shaped legal principles, procedures, and policies and uncover the cross-cutting themes that may be missed by examining terrorism law from just one legal perspective.


Confirmed workshop speakers:

Cian Murphy, Bristol

Adrian Hunt, Birmingham

Lawrence McNamara, Bingham Centre / York

Rumyana Grozdanova, Liverpool

Alan Greene, Durham

Devyani Prabhat, Bristol

Confirmed discussants:

Lucia Zedner, Oxford

Aileen Kavanagh, Oxford

Liora Lazarus, Oxford

All welcome, please contact Dr Jessie Blackbourn to register if you wish to attend.