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The Zoom link to attend the talk will be released on Oxford Fintech & Legaltech Society's Facebook Page and in its Newsletter in due course

Janhavi Ravi Iyengar (Legal Manager at SeedLegals) will be sharing her views on the LegalTech industry, everything about SeedLegals and her all too un-traditional navigation into the Law. From India to the US and now the UK, her experience left her with insights relevant to many aspiring lawyers. LegalTech is an up and coming area, revolutionising the Legal industry and life as we've known it. With innovative approaches and turnkey solutions on the most basic of transactions, our guest speaker will be delving into how, in such uncertain times, SeedLegals has boosted funding potential.

LegalTech is not the future, it's now, and it's here.

About the speaker

Janhavi Ravi Iyengar

Janhavi is a startup lawyer. She is currently a Legal Manager at London based Seedlegals, a SaaS platform in the #legaltech space which has successfully automated the fund raising process removing the need for human lawyers to be involved in the transaction. The SeedLegals team has grown to over 50 colleagues and is based in Holborn, looking out over Lincoln’s Inn Fields. SeedLegals has raised $5m to date.

Having fallen into the law and then fallen in love with it, Janhavi studied her Bachelor in Business and Laws in India and then pursued her Masters at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Her career includes working as a Legal Consultant for an online funding platform for startups, LetsVenture. Janhavi has successfully negotiated and closed several funding rounds for teams in India and the United Kingdom. She is passionate about startups, investment, private equity, disruptive technology and the power of the law.