International Tax Allocation for Development post-BEPS

Event date
25 May 2021
Event time
13:00 - 15:00
Oxford week
TT 5
General Public
Online via Zoom
Yariv Brauner (Florida, Levin College of Law), Kim Brooks (Dalhousie), Tizhong Liao (Oxford), Michael Lennard (United Nations), Natalia Quiñones (Quiñones Cruz Abogados), Annet Oguttu (Pretoria), Luis Eduardo Schoueri (Sao Paulo)

Tax law and development - an online discussions workshop series


Hosted by:  

Professor Tsilly Dagan, Oxford University Faculty of Law

Professor Miranda Stewart, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne

Professor Yariv Brauner, Levin College of Law, University of Florid

The task of financing for development, mostly with taxes, remains of critical importance to the world, but has fallen off the agenda during the current era of COVID-19. The 2021 Financing for Sustainable Development Report warns that COVID19 could lead to a lost decade for development. At the same time, the Inclusive Framework and Global Forum, together with other international organisations, are working towards a new consensus on international tax.   

This project aims to reinvigorate scholarly analysis of tax law and development, focusing on intersections and challenges of domestic and international tax law in the global context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and in the broader institutional context of governing the state, public finance and budgeting for justice and economic development. This series of informal online workshop invites scholars from around the world working on different aspects of tax law, public finance and development to present and participate in discussion.  

This session will discuss the implication of BEPS and the post-BEPS agenda on the international allocation of tax bases, focusing on their impact on development and global inequality.

We have limited number of places available, if you wish to attend this session, please email Professor Tsilly Dagan


Yariv Brauner

University of Florida Levin College of Law


Kim Brooks

Dalhousie University

Tizhong Liao

Oxford University

Michael Lennard

United Nations

Natalia Quiñones

Quiñones Cruz Abogados

Annet Oguttu

University of Pretoria

Luis Eduardo Schoueri

University of Sao Paulo



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