Professor Wolfgang Ernst: 'Statutory Interpretation in Roman Law' 

Methods of statutory interpretation evolve over time. They mirror the contemporaneous constitutional framework. Republican lawyers overcame the exclusively literal application of Roman statutes, bringing the concept of meaning into play. Limits of interpretation were tested. Justinian’s law centralised interpretation, establishing an ‘acte clair’ doctrine and insisting on an ‘authentic’ interpretation by the Emperor. 


Professor Birke Häcker: 'English Law in the 21st Century: A Tale of Two Traditions'  

Historically, the English common law stands apart from Continental civilian jurisdictions, and it is the ‘parent’ legal order of common law systems throughout the world. Yet the past half century has witnessed profound changes in the relationship of English law with its European neighbours on the one hand and its ‘progeny’ systems on the other, such that its role now needs to be redefined. To this process of adaptation and transformation, comparative law can make a contribution.


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