The aims of this workshop are:

  • To inform the socio-legal community about LRAR and lesser known-search engines (e.g. Discovery)
  • To raise awareness of possibilities of modern legal records
  • To learn about good/bad experiences of socio-legal researchers re (or non-use of) unpublished documentary sources
  • To stimulate a sequel to the Neil Rickman paper in William Twining and Emma Quick (eds) Legal Records in the Commonwealth (1994).

Participants will include:

  • Clare Cowling (Director, LRAR) and William Twining (Associate, CSLS)
  • Professor Peter Bartlett (Mental Health, Nottingham)
  • Dr Michael Reynolds (Associate, CSLS)
  • Professor Denis Galligan (Professor of Socio-Legal Studies, CSLS)
  • Dr Bettina Lange (Associate Professor of Law and Regulation, CSLS - TBC)

Further details will be available in due course.