OHRSS is very excited to be hosting this panel with senior members of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Dr Madeline Garlick is the Chief of Section of the Protection Policy and Legal Advice Section at the UNHCR in Geneva. Madeline has held this position for over 5 years now. She was previously responsible for UNHCR’s liaison to the EU institutions, and has served with the UN in Cyprus, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has worked as a Researcher at Radboud University, The Netherlands, and at the Migration Policy Institute. She teaches occasionally at the Centre for Refugee Studies here in Oxford. Madeline holds a PhD degree from Radboud University, as well as a Masters from Cambridge and Arts and Laws (Honours) degrees from Monash University, Australia. She is qualified as a barrister and solicitor in Victoria, Australia.

Carole Simone Dahan is a Senior Legal Adviser on Judicial Engagement, which she joined in 2015. She has previously served as Director of the Refugee Law Office for Legal Aid Ontario in Canada. As part of this role, she has been the recipient of the CARLA award from the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Concordia University, a master of arts degree in political theory from the University of Toronto, and a law degree from Osgoode Hall, York University where she also obtained a master’s degree in administrative law.

Kees Wouters is a Senior Refugee Law Advisor at the Division of International Protection of the UNHCR in Geneva. In the past he has worked as a researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Immigration Law at Leiden Law School, where in 2009 he obtained his doctoral (PhD) degree with his thesis on International Legal Standards for the Protection from Refoulement. More recently, he has also contributed to scholarship for international human rights law practitioners. He has worked for various non-governmental organisations in the Netherlands, and was also a member of the Meijers Committee. He has also worked in Asia as a staff member and lecturer at Mahidol University in Thailand and as a lawyer for the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE).

Join us for this event where Madeline, Carole, and Kees will be telling us about their career journeys and working in human rights.
The event will be held on Zoom, from 7pm-8pm on Monday the 29th of November.