Local Citizenship in the European Union

Presenter: Josephine van Zeben

Please join us for this week's session of the Socio-Legal Discussion Group. Josephine van Zeben will present her work on 'Local Citizenship in the European Union'.

Local governments act as democratic conduits and service providers for residents, national citizens and EU citizens alike. The ability of local governments to fulfil both these roles depends primarily on their legal form and status, which in turn is determined by the constitutional arrangements of their respective Member State. This paper considers to what extent EU citizens are able to rely on their citizenship rights at the local level with respect to these two roles – linking into one of the key questions of this symposium, namely the impact of EU citizenship on the centrality of the nation state regarding citizenship. The paper focusses on three case studies – London, Amsterdam and Berlin.

Josephine van Zeben is fellow and tutor at Worcester College. She specializes in public law with a specific emphasis on EU law. The overarching theme in her research agenda is multi-level governance and the institutional complexity that it creates. Josephine holds degrees in Social Science (Utrecht) and Law (Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Harvard), a PhD in Law and Economics (Amsterdam) and post-doc in Political Theory (Indiana) from several jurisdictions. She is currently working on a research project on sub-national governance in the EU separate to her work on environmental regulation.

* Sandwiches will be served.