The Future of Technology and Society Discussion group welcomes everyone to its first meeting! 

The first discussion of the group will centre around the following issues: 

  • Definition and purpose of technology
  • Societal expectations from technology
  • Whether technology diminishes values
  • Whether technology could enable people to become part of the production of science rather than part of labor

Here are some suggested readings which will lead the discussion: 

  1. Technology and the Laws of Its Development / A. Zvorikine / Technology and Culture Vol.3/4  (
  2. Technology and Values: A Philosopher’s Perspective/ P. Durbin/ Technology and Culture Vol.13/4 (
  3. Inventing the Internet: Scapegoat, Sin Eater, and Trickster / Alex Krotoski /in Society and the Internet: How Networks of Information and Communication are Changing Our Lives (eds) Mark Graham and William Dutton  ( 

Sandwiches will be provided. 

Please kindly note that we have limited space available, therefore we would highly appreciate if you could confirm your attendance via email to Beril Boz by 2 March 2020.