Bri Lee and the Eggshell Skull


This Tuesday evening from 6-7pm Chelsea will be facilitating a discussion on the structural prejudice against women and children in the legal system. The discussion will centre around some video clips of the author Bri Lee, discussing her memoir Eggshell Skull (Allen and Unwin, 2018). CW: the discussion and the materials included below address sexual violence.

All are welcome to participate, and we invite you to look at link of Bri Lee talking before the event:

For those interested, we have also attached the citation of an article which relates to some of the topics we will be discussing: Jennifer Temkin, 2000. Prosecuting and Defending Rape: Perspectives From the Bar. Journal of Law and Society. 27(2), pp.219-248. 

Link to join:

Eggshell Skull