Black British Feminism: 1921-2021


Black British women have organised for over a century, within the UK, but often their importance to British, Black and International History are under-recognised.  Seun Matiluko will be discussing the long durée of Black British Feminism from 1921-2021, speaking on everything from “triple oppression” to political blackness, and what past activism can teach us about how to organise in the present.

All are warmly invited to attend and participate. 

Due to the significant interest we have received for this event we would like to invite you to submit any questions you wish to discuss during the evening, in advance, here: 

We will also invite you to ask questions during the event.

Please note this event will be a moderated discussion and any sexist, homophobic, racist or otherwise discriminatory comments made in the course of any discussion run by the FJDG will not be tolerated.

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You are invited to consult some of these resources prior to the event:

History of Black British Feminism:

OWAAD Draft Constitution: 

Brixton Black Women’s Group:

Gail Lewis on ‘Charting the Journey’