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The global trend of cannabis legalization is at a critical point in time. As countries amend laws and trade agreements, demand for cannabis and its derivative products will create significant global impact over the next decade disrupting agriculture, textile, energy and consumer packaged goods sectors. What was once known as the "War on Drugs" has quickly become a commercialized supply chain including the game of business deals, import, and export. Underlying this newly regulated sector and the rise of consumer markets is the increasing likelihood of human exploitation. In this seminar, Jenn Larry and Kelly Beker, founders of the Cannabis Education Guild (CEG) will discuss the future of transparency in supply chains in the cannabis sector, with industry peer and subject matter expert, Jessica Steinberg of The Global C.

The talk explores how CEG has sought to set new standards and precedent for global trade on cannabis, such that it can operate free of forced labour, child labour, smuggling, kidnapping, trafficking and all forms of slavery. This addresses a sector-specific pledge that can be applied to a wider context of consumer goods and its implications within modern slavery. As a platform for global cannabis education and social good, CEG is calling upon industry leaders and members of government to take the first-ever sector-based approach, to eradicate slavery in the global cannabis supply chains. Learn more about CEG's social impact work here.

A picture of Kelly Beker.
Kelly Beker is the Co-founder and Executive Director of the Cannabis Education Guild, a platform focused on global cannabis education, and social good. Ms. Beker is also a consultant helping businesses design socially responsible strategies and programs to help bring about real, impactful global change. Over the past five years, Kelly has worked in the legal Cannabis industry helping to develop programs aimed at both the medical and non-medical markets. Ms. Beker was instrumental in onboarding healthcare professionals for her organizations. Formerly the Manager of Special Events at Aurora Cannabis, and Manager of Strategic Partnerships at MedReleaf Corp, Ms. Beker’s career in cannabis has been built on the foundation of social impact, education and community outreach.
Kelly’s experience and passion in education has helped to onboard medical professionals across Canada on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Her national efforts were pivotal in forming strategic partnerships with several charitable organizations and patient advocacy communities, making her a well-known and well-respected figure in the cannabis community both in Canada, and globally. Kelly has been invited to speak at various key industry conferences, as well as at universities, government roundtables and global corporations. Through the Cannabis Education Guild she has organized and facilitated educational events in Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. She is currently an Advisor to social impact organizations including WalloBooks in India, and She Decides across South East Asia.
A picture of Jenn Larry.
Jenn Larry is the President of CBD Strategy Group. As President of CBD Strategy Group, a commercial marketing, brand development, and business strategy agency, Jenn helps domestic and global businesses thrive inside the box of cannabis regulation. She also leverages this leadership and expertise by serving as a member of the board for the National Institute of Cannabis Investors, and a mentor for Grow Tech Labs. With over 20 years of experience across relevant and regulated consumer sectors, a deep understanding of commercial, trade, and brand marketing, and a strong grasp of cannabis, as an active consumer packaged-good ingredient, Jenn works with companies looking to catalyze their market positions, and build strong, smart sustainable cannabis businesses.

In 2016, at the time of Canada’s public consultation regarding the potential of cannabis becoming federally legalized for “non medical use”, Jenn launched CBD Strategy group believing strongly that cannabis would be one of the most significant active ingredients in the future of consumer-packaged goods innovation. More specifically, Jenn recognized that there would be entrepreneurs and companies en masse needing support, while looking to capitalize on what has now become a new major sector in the Canadian economy. In addition to the need for consulting support, Jenn saw a growing need for cannabis education and in 2019 launched the Cannabis Education Guild (CEG) with cannabis educator and social impact consultant Kelly Beker. As a platform for global cannabis education, and social good, the CEG offers a base foundation for cannabis industry knowledge. In January 2020 CEG launched its international education tour, which hosted medical cannabis conference sessions in Malaysia, Korea, and Thailand.

A picture of Jessica Steinberg.
Jessica Steinberg is a PhD student at the University of Oxford exploring the process of policymaking through the lens of cannabis legalization and commercialization. She is Managing Director of international cannabis consultancy, The Global C, and co-founder of a women’s empowerment organization cultivating a space for women in the legal cannabis industry, entOURage Network. Her policy work takes place as an official delegate for cannabis related meetings held at the UN and WHO. Jessica is Head of Community at Ohana CBD, a plant-based self care skincare company. She speaks globally about her research and work, as well as the charity that she founded when she was 13 years old, Giveable Giggles.