Angela Moore (Refugee Status Determination Advisor for the UNHCR) will be talking about 'Child-friendly refugee status determination - adapting procedures for child applicants'

How can refugee status determination procedures be adapted to ensure that all stages of the process are accessible and age-appropriate for child applicants? Child asylum-seekers may face a range of protection risks along the route to safety and in displacement. Upon applying for refugee status, they are often confronted with a bureaucratic, legalistic process that may require them to recount traumatic events. To give meaningful effect to the child's right to be heard and ensure that the child's best interest is a primary consideration, advocates and decision makers must utilize child-friendly procedures that take the individual characteristics and circumstances of each child into account. 

Angela Moore is a Refugee Status Determination Advisor in the Division of International Protection at the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. She has previously worked in field operations in the Middle East, East Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, and Europe. She holds a BA in Government and Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia, a JD from Columbia Law School, and an MSt in International Human Rights Law from the University of Oxford. She is currently reading for a DPhil in Socio-Legal Studies.

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