Oxford - Virginia Legal Dialogs 

Tax Meets Non-Tax


In an environment of increasing academic specialization, Oxford-Virginia Legal Dialogs seeks to build bridges across academic disciplines by introducing a new kind of workshop. For each session, a tax scholar will select a non-tax, but legal, work that is prominent in its own field and explain how the work is relevant to the study of taxation. The author of the work will then respond before we open the session to questions and discussion by workshop attendees.

All sessions will take place on Zoom, unless otherwise indicated, and the work to be discussed will be distributed on this page in advance of the session. 

The co-convenors are Tsilly Dagan of Oxford and Ruth Mason of UVA Law


Schedule - Spring 2021

Friday 19th March
10 am Eastern/2 pm UK Time


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Friday 16th April
Noon Eastern/5 pm UK Time


Friday 11th June
10 am Eastern/3 pm UK Time