Please join for any or all of 5 papers from Faculty members and co-authors exploring different aspects of property law and its connections with other areas such as tax, morality, intellectual property, human rights and anti-discrimination, and the law of obligations. 

Registration in advance is required as papers will be made available before the seminar. Registration closes at 5pm on 22/06. Please note this event is open to University of Oxford members and invited attendees only.

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10am to 10.50am: Simon Douglas: Trusts as Persons in the Capital Taxes

11am to 11.50am: Samuel Williams: The Moral Duties of Trustees: the Flourishing of Beneficiaries and Objects 

12 noon to 12.50pm: Poorna Mysoor: Form and Copyright - A Property Debate                    

2.10pm to 3pm: Aruna Nair and Jonas-Sebastian Beaudry (McGill) : Property and the Freedom to Discriminate: Markets, Gifts, and the Scope of Anti-Discrimination Norms

3.10pm to 4pm: Luke Rostill and Charles Mitchell (UCL): Making Sense of ‘Mesne Profits’: Causes of Action