We will discuss three current points of debate: the relationship between China and Hong Kong, Social Credit and the new Supervision Commission and we hope to connect these themes to wider work on subsidiarity, data protection and political parties. Larry Cata Backer from Penn State University, Samuli Seppanen from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Flora Sapio from the University of Napoli will join us. 

12.30     Buffet Lunch 

13.15    Panel 1: Constitutional Theory with Chinese Characteristics

Larry Catá Backer – Pennsylvania State University 
Jean Christopher Mittelstaedt – St Antony’s College
Nick Barber – Trinity College

14.30    Coffee 

15.00     Panel 2: The Party,  Supervision and the Constitution

Flora Sapio – University of Napoli
Wu Qianlan – University of Nottingham
Maris Köpcke – Oxford Law

16.15     Coffee

16.45    Panel 3: Data, Discipline and the State

Samuli Seppanen – Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ewan Smith – Jesus College
Oliver Butler – Wadham College

18.00     Drinks